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Friday Finds January 2016

I’m finding so much goodness to read on the internets, I’m going to have to do these more than once a month!

World War II, in particular the social and cultural history around it, are endlessly fascinating to me, particularly because of how it changed things for women in the United States. Two great articles to learn more about awesome women related to the war: pilots and other women who kicked butt during WW2.

Social media and death. This is not just about how people “live on” via social media accounts after their deaths, but also how we grieve and use social media to cope with deaths. I will fully admit that before Dad died, I wasn’t sure how I felt about social media as a place to memorialize or announce a death. Now I can say that during the flurry of emotions, making arrangements, and telling people about his quick passing in 2013, I was very thankful for Facebook. It allowed us to reach out to a large number of family and friends to pass along specific information and was especially comforting in the myriad number of notes, messages, and thoughts of love, support and comfort.

I love this:  Unexpected beauty in Fabric factories of America

The man who invented the aquarium.

New York City Sanitation Department Art Gallery of Scavenged Objects. The line between trash and treasure is very thin indeed.

Anne of Green Gables is still a beloved character to me. This article about lessons from Anne is wonderful.

I don’t wear lipstick, but the history of cosmetics is fascinating to me: the history of red lipstick. 


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