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Go, and embrace your liberty. And see what wonderful things come of it. – Little Women

Embrace in Action

In an effort to fully practice my 2016 word “embrace,” I’m working hard to really pay attention and focus on who I am at the present moment.

Part of that means saying no to a lot of the self-discovery guides, blogs, and folks on the internet that I follow.

It’s not that I don’t value these people and their words, but it’s more about trying to really listen to my intuition and what’s going on around me instead of constantly pushing and thinking. There is a certain kind of grace and knowledge, I think, that comes with embracing who I am at the present moment.

So my action plan to “embrace” involves not reading a lot of self-discovery/awareness books this year, not downloading worksheets about finding my true self that I know I won’t complete, and overall draining out the noise of others. I know the value of all of these tools and have used a lot of them in the past, which has brought me to this moment with myself and sitting with who I am at the moment. It’s not a super easy task for me as a person who thrives on learning, striving for more, and making plans. But as I thought about how I wanted my year to go, I realize that in all the questioning and navel gazing, I’ve become actually LESS sure of myself and what I want next.

A month in, I’m finding my journal writing is more robust and free flowing when I’m not thinking about answering particular questions or ideas I’ve heard/read throughout the day. My email is certainly less cluttered from newsletters and such offering coaching or other services ( all of which I’m sure I will slowly resubscribe to in a thoughtful way). I’m not making plans but I’m still growing, embracing by tuning into my intuition and letting myself live the questions of the moment, putting faith in myself and what might come out of paying attention to my heart and head.


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One thought on “Embrace in Action

  1. Such a good idea! there is so much noise from the outside world, it can really be detrimental, confusing and just, well, noisy. I participated in Joy Juice way back in the day, but even that I didn’t commit to 100%. I saved all the prompts thinking that i would at some point get back to them, but nearly 4 years later and I haven’t. Oops! It’s important to listen to our intuition and ourselves. I know I don’t do enough of it!

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