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Pet Peeves, Revisited

A couple of years ago, I posted about my pet peeves. These have not changed. Here are a few more though! I’m not bitter or mad at the world, but a few of these happened within the last day, so are fresh on my mind.

Not moving close to center of road to take a left hand turn

This could really just be a thing in Rhode Island and Massachusetts where the lack of consideration for your fellow drivers seems to be at an all-time high lately. This especially bothers me at busy intersections where there is no left turn lane and not moving closer to center of road makes it virtually impossible for people to pass you to go straight. Yes, I know passing on the right is technically not a thing to do, but if the road is so wide and the traffic is piling up, this is what that extra room is there for, especially at busy intersections. Also, trying to take a left turn while practically on the edge of the right side is just dangerous for everyone involved!

Personal cellphone conversations in waiting areas

I was waiting for my oil change on Saturday morning and a guy comes in and sits beside me, along with about 3 other people waiting. He gets a phone call shortly thereafter and proceeds to talk very loudly about his sister-in-law’s restraining order against his brother, all about her being angry at men, and so on. Please, go outside.

Duplication of work and micro-managing

Well these are actually two, but related. I’ll just leave them here because well, work.

Reply All Emails

There are very few occasions when this is actually needed. I would like to send every ‘sure’ ‘OK’ or ‘fine by me’ reply-all email to whoever invented this function because it drives me nuts on a daily basis, multiple times a day. Same with reply-all on listservs or email lists “me too!”

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2 thoughts on “Pet Peeves, Revisited

  1. Oh man, pet peeves… don’t get me started. I agree with you on people that don’t move over to the center of the road to take a left turn… and also, the people that don’t pull into the intersection to take a left turn, so they’re the only ones to actually get through a green light once the oncoming traffic has cleared. Grrrr.

  2. Reply all emails make me have all the feels. And usually all the stabby feelings and wanting to use ALL CAPs and !!!. It’s so unnecessary. I can’t handle them.

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