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Go, and embrace your liberty. And see what wonderful things come of it. – Little Women

2015 in Review

Cultivate— the word I wanted to embody my goals and aspirations for 2015.

How’d I do?

I’d say pretty great!

I’m most proud of how I’m coming into my own more- I still may have no idea what’s next career wise or where we may end of living, but I feel that I have a confidence and quiet grace in being able to think big, while at the same time being calm and kind to myself to know that the right thing/answer/spot will come my way because of my belief and desire for it.

I had some broad goals for the year and have accomplished many of them. I’ve really amped up my personal journal writing, both at the end of each day when I try to find five things to be grateful for ( no matter how bad the day) and when I have to write to free the chatter from my brain. I’m still trying to find that fine line between writing for myself, writing for work and freelance, and writing/sharing on here, but it’s a process that I’m allowing myself to grow into instead of feeling guilty about.

Q and I grew as a couple, and as a family with Little Man. We had some important family time including my brother and sister-in-law’s spectacular wedding weekend in Vermont in May. We sold my childhood home, but in the process learned a lot about love, loss, and new chapters in life.

I wanted to take more photos, which having an iPhone has helped, but I’m still not documenting all the moments I want to because I’m enjoying them and forget to stop to take pictures.

House/organization wise, it was a good year. I finally got rid of my wedding gown and got a nice doormat for our front door, as well as found some things we already to decorate some more with. Santa brought Little Man a great Star Wars poster for a wall in his room. A few of the other house/life projects are in their beginning stages and I will accomplish them over the winter.

I made more money from my writing. I meal plan and grocery budget like a queen. While I haven’t created a formal space for my work and writing portfolios, I made huge progress in organizing them all in one place, both physically and digitally, so that was huge.

I didn’t make much progress on going to church, but have been making more of an active effort with daily prayer.

While I didn’t make all my goals,  I feel that despite that, I was more than successful with my hopes to *cultivate* all aspects of my life. It was a good year indeed.

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