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Friday Finds December 2015

Merry Christmas!

In the spirit of one of my personal holiday favorites: the history of gingerbread with recipe! Also a few days late, but Christmas trees are still up: the Italian origins of the Rockefeller Christmas tree ( and some great family history).

Sad to hear the actual Lillian Vernon died recently. I didn’t know she was a German Jew who made it out before things got bad. Also very impressed that she was the first woman-owned company on the stock exchange. I used to love perusing through the Lillian Vernon catalog as a kid. I still have a few things that were originally ordered from that, especially monogrammed items.

Addicted to distraction. Ugh, so true. 2 goals for 2016 are to limit my iPad use while Q or Little Man is watching something on TV and to cut down on my multitasking, multitabs open on browser habit I have, often while working.

Fascinating: why female mass shooters are so rare. 

The myth of easy cooking. Yep. Also: ugly food. This is why you’ll see very little photos of my food/cooking adventures because it’s almost never easy, is almost always messier than it needs to be, and never is pretty enough to take pictures of. Also, I’m usually starved by the time I’m done cooking so just eat it instead of photographing it!

Speaking of easy….I buy grocery store sushi probably once a month when the thought of cooking dinner after an after work market haul makes me cranky. It’s fresher than the stuff on the salad bar! Here’s an interesting look into how it ended up being a mainstay in the American grocery market.

I think San had this article “Everything Doesn’t Happen For a Reason” on one of her monthly link posts, but it’s too good to not share. One of the things that has surprised me most about the grieving process is never ending and doesn’t have resolution– it’s ongoing and something I’ll always carry. I can have resolution over accepting the death and such, but that doesn’t mean I can’t carry that sadness with me.


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One thought on “Friday Finds December 2015

  1. “doesn’t mean i can’t carry the sadness with me.” It’s taken me two years to realize that there is no tidy bow to wrapping up grief, my sadness (and ok, sometimes my anger). It’s always there, just beneath the surface. It’s a pain in the you know what but it’s something I’m learning to live with. Hugs to you!

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