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Over the weekend, Little Man and I had a pretty awesome milestone- he chose errands with me instead of staying home to watch a movie while Q worked out in the basement. Maybe because the errands were going to end at the library or maybe it was just that he didn’t want to spend more time watching TV, but it made me feel pretty good. I think even Q was surprised that this shy little boy who hates being away from his father made a choice to do just that.

It wasn’t a lot of errands, but the time together was fun. He helped me put stamps on letters at the post office and asked how the mail worked. We dropped off a Redbox DVD and laughed at the silly dogs sitting in the car in the parking spot next to us.

The moment he decided to come along made me feel pretty awesome, but it was nothing compared to the amazing moment when we were walking into the library and he took my hand, telling me how much he loved books. My heart burst wide open and I couldn’t stop smiling as he picked out a few books. He even got over his shyness to ask the young man at the circulation desk if they had any Star Wars books. Then the excitement when he saw the huge Lego Star Wars encyclopedia book the guy handed to him. I hope he never loses that love of books and the wonder of learning something new ( even if it is Star Wars!)

Being a ‘bonus mom’/ adult friend to Little Man is something I never expected in my life, but something I cannot imagine living without now. With him I’ve found my silly side for when we play games or do things like make homemade play dough. I cherish our weekend morning cartoons together while Q sleeps in a bit. It’s made me think differently about the world, the future, myself.

Who knew the mundane task of running errands could became a milestone.

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One thought on “Milestone

  1. This is so sweet. I am glad you’re forming more and more of a bond with him!

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