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Thankful Thursday (#10)

I’m thankful for my home.


My happy place- aka my sun room

It’s hard to believe that this coming spring will mark 7 years in my house. It feels like a lifetime, probably because owning the house was the beginning of some tumultuous times for me. But it’s also the place where I found myself after my divorce. And now, even though the address and house has not changed, I’m making it into a new home with Q and Little Man.

It’s an old house, built in 1930, so with that come so many quirks like walls and floors that are less than level and old dirt. But it also comes with amazing charm like the sun room, the original moldings and built-in bookcases, and gorgeous hardwood floors.

Quirks aside from its age, but also from weird things that are on the endless list of house projects, I love this place. It’s small with only two bedrooms and one bathroom, but we have a good yard, huge basement and attic, and the sunroom truly is the best place, even if it overlooks a parking lot of the businesses next door. If I could pick up the house and move it to a quieter neighborhood, I would. When I dream about the possible future for us, I wish I could take the house and just add another half bath, a small bedroom/office,  and a smidge more counterspace to the kitchen, because otherwise it’s really the perfect spot for me.

Whatever happens next in life for our little family, I know this place will always have a special place in my heart.

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One thought on “Thankful Thursday (#10)

  1. Your home sounds lovely.

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