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Friday Finds October 2015

Some of the more interesting things I’ve read over the past month!


The changing interior design and art of the White House with each administration has always been interesting to me ( total nerd here). This article about the Obamas like of modern and contemporary art, paired with traditional elements of the White House collection was quite interesting.

As an 80s baby, I agree with so much of these opinions about technology. I have fond memories of playing Oregon Trail, remember the first time I “went online” at my friend Erin’s house ( she had Prodigy!), and remember when Facebook was just for college kids. Now, I’m struggling to keep up with all the apps and things coming up.

LL Bean duck boots– the newest thing tweens/teens/hipsters have adopted as their own. I never had a pair and clearly won’t be getting some any time soon!

I’m thinking a lot lately about my career and my goals/desires for my future, and reading a lot about women leaders. There are a lot of people writing about the topic, but this one is interesting with its inclusion of a study that maybe the reason why women aren’t in more positions of power is because we don’t want to be. Definitely has me thinking about my career goals.

Life happens, the nature of friendships change. I’ve lost friends and still mourn the loss of those relationships. It’s part of growing up of course. Good article on the topic here and more from me on this soon.

I don’t know what your political opinions or ideas are, but I do know the current system in our country is a hot mess and definitely not working for us. This article lays out the issues in a clear, understandable way.

We are lucky that same sex marriage is now the law of the land, but this article on same sex couples adopting their partners for legal rights was something I had never heard about before.

There is a place in Alabama that sells all the lost/found, unclaimed bags, books left in plane seat pockets, and similar (also touches on loss, sentimental items, and the emotional value of ‘stuff’). Fascinating.




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