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Go, and embrace your liberty. And see what wonderful things come of it. – Little Women

Hello October!

A month filled with fun, a special birthday, and fabulous fall happenings.

At this moment, October feels equal parts busy/hectic/filled with plans and relaxing. September was a WHIRLWIND that passed mostly by the amount of times spent cleaning/purging/making trips to donation centers with various things from Mom’s house. Now that the house closing is set for the end of this month, I hope that frantic flurry of figuring out what to do with stuff will come to a close, and we all can just RELAX. Of course, there still is a lot of stuff left at my own house to figure out since between Mom and Grandma houses, I have a lot of bits in my attic and basement. But it doesn’t feel pressing at the moment, so it can continue to exist so that the lazy procrastinator in me can find a minute to catch my breath. This house cleaning out, downsizing stuff is serious, emotional, exhausting business. I still have one more box of stuff at my mom’s to contend with and even though I feel like I’m probably just going to donate a good portion of it, I have been putting it off for days because I’m just kind of sick of dealing with objects of life.

Since my summer had some weird travel in it that Q was unable to participate in, we’re going to get away for the long weekend together, which will be the first time in our 2.5 years together that we’ve done that. How we’ve gone so long without going away for the weekend is also a mystery to me, but clearly we’ve been on a hamster wheel for a long time without thinking of getting off.

I’m also really excited for this particular October because it will be my first.time.ever trick or treating as a somewhat parental figure. The schedule gods have aligned and we’ll have Little Man for Halloween weekend. I think I might be more excited about going out trick or treating with him than he is. As Q and I continue to debate the what ifs of growing our  family, I treasure each milestone moment with Little Man as the three of us build our own family dynamics. He also has a birthday at the end of October and while I am not a fan of my own birthday, I certainly enjoy trying to make them special for other people, especially him.

There are a few other things swirling around in life that could bring some other happenings to our October, but we shall see what transpires. I’m trying very hard amid a lot of life change in the past 2 years to live in the present each day and not think– or worry– too far in advance. Some days I’m winning at that, others not so much, but I figure if  I can exist somewhere in the in between, I’ll come out ahead, so my main goal of October is to really embrace it all.


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One thought on “Hello October!

  1. I love October. Sounds like you have some fun things planned 😉

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