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Friday Finds-September 2015

Since discovering Pocket, I almost have too many amazing finds to share, but here are some of the best things I’ve read/found over the past month!


Sesame Street was a big part of my childhood and holds a special place in my heart. I found this article about Maria interesting. Added her memoir to my ever-growing to- read list.

I’m a huge fan of coloring with Little Man and am eyeing an adult coloring book for myself. I downloaded the Colorfy App to “color” on the iPad, but it’s not the same. I bought my mother a de-stress coloring book for her recent birthday. So of course I really enjoyed this piece on the history of the coloring book!

As always, I’m on my quest to educate the world about lesser known women of history. Here are ten female scientists you may or may not have heard about before.

Speaking of women, this is quite interesting. The most I ever thought about astronauts in space was how bad I felt for them since that dehydrated space ice cream they sell in science museums tasted so poorly. I especially like the 1946 bit about the issue of women in space characterized as “temperamental psycho-physiologic human” (i.e., a hormonal woman) together with a “complicated machine.” Also another example of men worrying about women’s bodies for them, but that’s a whole other can of worms.

White shirts with quite a bit of history and prestige attached to them.

All of this is so true. I especially like this article where Jenny calls grief “The Ninja.”Also: 8 Lies We Give Up About What It Means to Grieve

Mom’s house is mostly cleared out and I’m now dealing with the somewhat emotional, difficult task of what to do with so many childhood memory items, random pieces of furniture, and other bits of stuff that I can’t quite decide what to do with. I kept a lot of things for various sentimental/practical purposes, but I’m starting to feel overwhelmed by the stuff and realizing that holding onto it is not really helping myself in the long run either. These two articles on how to deal with meaningful clutter ( is that an oxymoron?) are helping.

If you like bagels, you pretty much have this man to thank.

Honest, witty, and often self-written obituaries that go viral. I read the obits every day and the way these small bits of the newspaper tell a story of a person’s life has always been fascinating to me.

When my Mom was in nursing school, they had a sign that said “learning causes cancer” because every other day there seemed to be a report about some food or product that caused cancer. This recent NY Times article is in that same vein– if we paid attention to all the bad things, we’d be eating practically nothing.

The reason why my favorite season has two names!

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