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Thankful Thursday #8

I’m thankful that I live in a place that has four distinct seasons. I love each of them for their own merits and in typical New Englander fashion, also loathe them at times for those same reasons!


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Fall is by far my favorite season of the year- often warm enough to still wear only a layer or two, but the chill of the nights brings cozy blankets and comfortable temperatures for enjoying a backyard fire, walks in the woods on sun-filled weekend afternoons without too many bugs, and the ability to turn the oven on for some yummy pumpkin bread. I loathe the raking of leaves and allergies that come with them, as well as the amount of work required around the house to prepare for winter.

Winter supports my love of hours spent reading or watching movies on the couch curled up and helps me keep many tea companies in business with my several cups of hot tea each day habit. I like snow when I don’t have to drive in it or shovel more than a foot, but loathe it almost every time after that.

Spring seems to be coming later and later each year in New England, but I love the excitement of those first slightly warm, sunny days where 4 layers of woolens is not required. I actually enjoy doing a deep spring cleaning and the excitement of planning outside activities and longer days. I hate spring for the allergies it brings me, the amount of mud and grossness that winter leaves behind, and the amount of spring yard clean up to do.

Summer is excitement for outside fun, drinks by the water, and BBQs. It’s the ease of summer dressing, not having to blow dry my hair when it’s wet in the morning, and how amazing freshly grown produce is, especially summer tomatoes. I dislike the hot humid days where breathing makes you sweat and mosquitoes.

But keeping gratitude in mind, the greatness of this place outweighs the bad moments and today, as I sit in a sun-filled room, I’m filled with grateful feelings of happiness that I’m in my favorite season.



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