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In Need of a Lift

This post is about bras. Feel free to move along if this is weird or uninteresting to you.

Without getting too much into the TMI category, finding a bra as a curvy gal can be a challenge. Heck, I’m sure even for a noncurvy girl it can be a challenge because, as with every other piece of clothing women wear, sizes/styles/shapes differ from designer to designer.

I loathe bra shopping almost as much as I loathe trying to find new pants/jeans ( especially when retailers change the name of the pant style I know works, but that’s another post for another day). I hate bra shopping so much I wore the same 3 bras for YEARS even though they didn’t fit all that well. They say a good bra can take years and pounds off your appearance, so I know it’s essential for a good undergarment. Spending hours searching the a department store trying to find one bra in my weird size to only find it isn’t the best fit? Yea, not my idea of a fun afternoon.

This has changed with the amazing service I discovered called Peach. And by discovered, I mean a gal in a ladies’ professional group I’m in wrote about it and I was very intrigued. Essentially, Peach matches you up with a local bra stylist in order to get the best fit for you. They also have unders, basic foundation garments, and such. The thing that makes them different is their measuring is so much more than the measuring tape around your bust. It includes 11 measuring points including measuring you while wearing a “fit” bra to get a better idea of your particular body.

I met up with my stylist Nicole one night after work and was super impressed with how easy the process was. She took the various measurements and after our meeting put them into a form that uses a fancy algorithm to figure out the best size. I picked out two different bras initially for purchase ( prices similar to what you pay at department store, by the way), including one from their own Peach line. A few days later, I then received 6 bras in the mail– three different sizes that would fit my body based on my measurements. Nicole graciously came to my house to help me figure out fit and such, which was awesome. I ended up returning all 6 because even though one did fit, I didn’t feel super comfy in it. But that’s the beauty of the Peach system– you get the multiples to try on in the comfort of your own home, instead of in a horribly lit dressing room with some little old lady inspecting you in a bra. I returned the 6 using the box and the return shipping label that is provided. In my quest for a good brassiere, I then purchased another recommended bra.

The next bra came, again with 3 different sizes, and I tried them all one. There were two sizes I was sort in between so I wore them both for equal time around the house as I did my normal Saturday stuff. I loved being able to ‘test drive’ the bras. In the end, one size was the clear winner in terms of comfort and how I felt in it.

Overall, I’m super impressed with the company and the quality of the products. I’m definitely going to be using the service and stylist again because it let me try on items at my own pace, in my room, when I was feeling most confident and comfortable. I highly suggest the company and if you’re in the Southern Mass/Rhode Island area, you should get in touch with Nicole at nicmarie21  at gmail dot com!


All opinions are my own.  All opinions are my own and merchandise was purchased by me. I was not paid or contacted by the company for a positive review.

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5 thoughts on “In Need of a Lift

  1. OMG! I have the same problems… bra shopping is the worst! Whenever I find someone that fits, I buy it in three different colors! 🙂 This sounds like a great service though…

  2. oh wow – what a cool idea! I hate shopping for bras!!! I have started going to those little (and usually expensive) bra shops with the little old ladies that measure you and put the bras on you – awkward, but they know what they’re doing 🙂

  3. It took years but I finally found a make of bra that was the best .. and then they changed 😦 so I’m back hunting for the best bra again :/ If there was a company like that near where I live then I would definitely give them a go.

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