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Friday Finds August 2015

*Fascinating article on how Goodwill deals with the stuff that gets donated- really interesting especially as we keep bringing boxes and boxes to donate from Mom’s house.

*So much I didn’t know about Carmen Miranda!

*The world lost an amazing woman this week– Amelia Boynton Robinson. What a life and legacy! She looked amazing at 104. Great piece in NYT about her.

*I spent most of my childhood with my head in a book– and still do ( well minus the whole being an adult, needing to feed myself, and so on). I hold a special place in my heart for the library, so this story of a Columbian trash collector who gathers books for kids really made my heart melt.

*The 2016 election is still so far away and I’m already getting a little sick of hearing about some of the characters in the race. I make it a point to try not to put too much time into learning about a really large field of possible candidates because I like my sanity and I’m sure half of the men running for the Republican ticket will infuriate me. As an independent, I always vote for the person who most aligns with the issues that are important to me. I don’t think Carly Fiorina is that person for a number of reasons, but this article about her spot in the Republican field and political strategy was still interesting to me.

*I found painting when I was going through my divorce and it helped me through some tough moments in ways I couldn’t imagine. I would agree with this article on art as meditation.

Cheers for a lovely weekend to you all!

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