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July Life Update

Life is a bit hamster wheel at the moment, but it feels sort of good, even if a little crazed.

Work trip last week was both good and a blur. It felt good to get home. Hawaii was hot and while I spent most of the time working, we did some exploring. Looking forward to going back with Q in the future.

We had my brother’s wedding celebration on the Saturday after I returned ( he was married in Vermont over Memorial Day weekend, but it was only immediate family). Despite feeling jet lagged and not sure what hour it was, it was a splendid time with family and friends. I was especially happy that Little Man was there with us, as it always seems that family events fall on off weekends with him.

Unfortunately, Q’s grandfather passed away while I was in Hawaii and the services were yesterday. Despite the sadness at losing someone, he was 93 and lived a very full life– he was an Iwo Jima Marine in World War II, lifelong firefighter, and fellow crossword puzzle lover. It’s amazing how much Q looks like him.

Otherwise in life, things continue to march forward. My mom is selling her house, which has been a bit emotional for everyone- it’s the only place I have ever lived other than my current house and college dorms. As much as it sucks, it’s the right thing for her and I’m excited for her new adventure. I’m less excited to get all my random stuff out of her basement and closets and try to figure out what to do with it all! Most of it will be donated or sold ( know anyone who wants dozens of porcelain dolls?), but the process of going through it all is exhausting, but I’m determined to get through it!

And shameless self-promotion– did a guest post for San while she was out traveling with her family on some of my favorite historical fiction book recommendations! Check it out over here.

Hope your July was a grand one!

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