Life By Kristen

Go, and embrace your liberty. And see what wonderful things come of it. – Little Women

A to Z Me

Survey idea snagged from the fabulous Stephany! I changed a few letters for privacy reasons.

A. Age: 32

B. Biggest fear: Getting run off the road into a crevice or under a bridge where no one can see me and being left there for days. On the same vein, being alone somewhere, falling down stairs and injuring myself, waiting for someone to find me.

C. Current time: 7:19am

D. Drink you had last: Coffee

E. Easiest person to talk to: Q.

F. Favorite flower: Blue hydrangeas and tulips- can’t pick just one!

G. Grossest memory: It was so gross, I’ve clearly blocked it out.

H. How many siblings? One awesome big brother, who is just about 2 years older

I. In love with: Q, Little Man, my family

J. Jealous of: people who get to sleep in everyday.

K. Kindest person you know: My coworker Liz

L. Longest relationship: My ex-husband ( dated 3 years, married 14 months or so)

M. Main job? Museum curator

N. Number of pets: None!

O. One wish: To figure out what the next step in life is for me

P. Person you spoke on the phone to last: The guy from the gas company about the gas line repairs they are going to do on my street next month ( thrilling life of a suburban homeowner!)

Q. Question you’re always asked: But why? Honestly, I’m  still like a little kid in wanting to know how/why things are the way they are, how they work, etc. I love my curiosity for things in life.

R. Reason to smile: Lots of travel coming up in the next few weeks!

S. Song you last sang: “Stormy Weather”

T. Time you woke up: 6AM

U. Usual Friday night?: If it’s a weekend with Little Man, it’s usually tacos and a movie. If it’s Q&me, it’s usually takeout and a movie. Both with wine.

V. Vacation destination: Hoping to head to Colorado with Q in the fall.

W. Worst habit: Worrying

X. X rays you’ve had: More than I can count!

Y. Your favorite food: SO many. Broccoli, shrimp, cheese, native tomatoes, chocolate, grilled veggies, to name a few.

Z. Zodiac sign: Pisces




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