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Enter July

It’s a new month and I’m trying very hard to embrace the fresh start mentality, as I’ve been in a bit of a Negative Nancy rut lately.

A lot of it is work related, but life changes and things in the works are making me feel anxious and unsettled. It’s a tough feeling for me because I want to plan and control everything, and right now, I feel like there are a lot of question marks in my life.

I’m being intentionally vague for a million reasons until some things shake out a bit. Of course what I’m really doing is avoiding taking action of things by ignoring them or not dealing with them. I’m the master of avoidance.

So July will be about a lot of self-care and doing the things I need to move myself forward, even if in small ways. I enrolled in the Deepak Chopra 21 day meditation challenge– other than the meditation/breathing exercises I do as part of yoga, I’ve largely avoided meditating, but with all that’s swirling in my brain, I feel this is the best time of any to try it out and really quiet my mind and listen to my gut. It worked for me before without me even knowing I was actively doing it.

July will also bring  celebrations and a work trip to Hawaii.  I know, I know what you’re thinking–how can I be negative when this is on the horizon? But anxiety can be a strange life mate and my brain is on overdrive with way too many things concerning this trip.

But anxiety and worrying aside, I’m determined to feel better about life and my outlook on it this month than I did in June.

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One thought on “Enter July

  1. Hope July won’t be TOO stressful for you, friend. I know what anxiety and limbo feels like! Hugs.

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