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Healthy Choices

After my Dad died, I think everyone in the family had a bit of a wake up call about being a bit healthier in life. We all started to become a little more conscious of what we were eating, started exercising more regularly, and generally took a good inventory of life and the various stressors. Out of tragedy comes life lessons.

For me, it was a slow process of becoming healthier. I put on a significant amount of weight during my marriage and even more through the divorce, much of it brought on by emotional eating of cookie dough ( ugh, such a cliche) and other sweets to avoid the pain of a failed marriage and stress of money and life. I stopped eating my feelings at some point in the process, mostly because my grocery budget could only afford the necessities. I cannot even remember the last time I ate cookie dough.

I took up yoga a few months after Dad passed away, mostly for the need to find something to quiet my mind and try to solve the body aches that months of nonstop laziness brought me. That was April of 2014 and I’ve been hooked ever since. Weekly yoga- sometimes even twice a week- has changed my outlook on myself and my body. I sleep better, move better, feel better.

My diet is vastly improved after Q & I pretty much gave up pasta at the end of 2014. We don’t make it in the house any longer ( aside from Little Man’s occasional macaroni and cheese meal) and I never order it when we go out to eat. We sometimes indulge with some Asian rice noodles and about once a month over the winter Q would want some stewed meat over egg noodles, but I haven’t bought pasta since December 2014. I used to eat it a few times a week as an easy, cheap dinner item, but now I don’t even miss it.

We aren’t doing no carbs so much as being carb conscious. I’m trying really hard to limit my bread intake and we’ve only ordered pizza a few times, also mostly when we have Little Man. My sweet tooth has lessened a lot, though the cravings are still coming every now and again. And I’m trying to wean myself off of sugar in the coffee, though it’s been a bit difficult. I’m down to one small spoon of it!

The clothes are fitting better, but it really wasn’t about weight loss, but about making better choices. We may have family history of heart disease, but we can do our best to try to make better choices and live everyday in better ways.

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