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June is Bustin’ Out All Over

* Extra points if you know what musical this blog post title comes from!

Welcome, June.

May was a whirlwind, as expected. With my brother’s nuptials over Memorial Day weekend in Vermont, much of the month was spent with various preparations for the weekend away. It was as lovely as we all could have imagined, filled with love, and super relaxing.

It was also a month spent decluttering house, blogs, deleting articles, attacking my work to-do list, and trying to get a handle on our yard at home. The outdoor projects always seem to take over more time than the indoor ones, plus for Q& I, we have the added annoyance of some seriously bad allergies.  With the wacky weather and so much going on, we haven’t had anywhere near as much time to spend on the outside of the house as we would like, plus there are so many other priorities that are taking our time and money, like fence and garage roof. That and our entire backyard is like one giant ant colony. Every day, either after work or as our last garden task of the day, we spend time spraying or putting down some sort of ant traps, killer, etc. We want to get a handle on that and getting rid of the overgrown trees, bushes, and invasive species before we make our backyard oasis. That and we’re thinking of moving in the near future, so are trying to be smart about what we invest time and money in this year.  I think we’ve come to terms with the fact that we won’t have much of a lawn this year since we’re in a tiny drought, as well as probably no vegetable garden. We’re happy to support our local farmers and farm stands, though I think this weekend when I get my flower pots done, I’ll pick up a small tomato plant or two for some patio containers, and a few herbs to have on hand.

May was filled with lots of playground time with Little Man, a return to our nightly walks after work, and the almost end of a year-long mentor program I’ve been a member of as a mentee. We celebrated Mother’s Day with huge lobsters, though with all the hubbub of the wedding, we didn’t celebrate all the birthdays of the month ( my brother, aunt, sister-in-law, and Q are all in May, one every week!) other than cards and small cupcakes at Mother’s Day lunch. Work was busy but in a good, productive way, which is always nice!

For June, I’m  excited for the Heart Walk this weekend, seeing Kinky Boots with my Mom in Providence, and the end of Little Man’s school year ( he’s so excited to be going to first grade!) Looking forward to the lazy days of summer coming around with lots of books to read, boozy slush drinks to make, and grilling recipes to try! Anxious to get to the beach, go to some festivals, and enjoy the amazingness of summer time in Southern New England!



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One thought on “June is Bustin’ Out All Over

  1. I feel the same way because it seems like May just started so it can’t be June already. It’s great that you were able to attend your brother’s wedding. I haven’t been to a wedding in ages. The closest I got was watching that Four Weddings show on TLC, but I believe it was canceled. By the way, I’m glad I found your blog because I enjoyed the visit. Have a lovely day… 🙂

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