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Heart Walk

If you’ve been around this neck of the world, you know I lost my father to a heart attack at the age of 57 on December 16, 2013. We also lost my grandfather to a heart attack on February 18, 1998 when he was 67, after having had previous attacks.

It’s probably no surprise to people that heart disease is the number one killer of women and men in the United States. The statistic is something like one in four people die from heart disease related deaths. It’s a huge problem in our family, particularly the men– two of my great uncle’s ( my grandfather’s brothers) have had major heart attacks, bypasses, and so on, as have a few of their sons. Other heart issues affect the women in the family on my grandmother’s side. My father and grandfather were both genetically predisposed to heart disease- my Dad had even had a clean bill of health at this doctor one week before he died. Heart attacks can happen to even marathon runners who are the picture of health, so it’s important to raise awareness about the importance of knowing family medical history as well.

My family decided to walk this year in the 2015 Southern New England Heart Walk not only to raise funds for research and awareness about the disease, but also as a way to honor the legacy of the two great men who we have lost too early. If you feel so inclined and are able, we’d appreciate a donation (tax-deductible) to our team. You can find our page here.  Even if you don’t, I hope you’ll raise awareness of the importance of heart health within your own circle of the world.

Thanks in advance.

Dad& Grandpa

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