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Cleaning Out

The other night I made a list of all the things I’d like to get going on, do more of, start, etc. It was quite long and quite overwhelming. It included everything from house projects ( which are neverending) to freelance writing stuff to weeding and getting the garden going.

This list, combined with a giant to-read book list, a growing stack of magazines, and saved links for articles, websites, blogs, and my work to-do list has me feeling quite overwhelmed.

So I’m deleting everything.

This spirit of decluttering and cleaning out hit with the spring cleaning fever, which had me going through the house seeing what we didn’t need anymore. Of course, the pile to be donated is still sitting in the dining room, but that’s my first errand of the weekend. I cleaned out the pantry and donated non perishables to the postal service’s food drive last weekend. My fridge and freezer are quite bare after a huge purge of unused/expired condiments, many months old frozen soup, and so on.

While I love all the blogs and articles I’ve accumulated, they are starting to become too much to manage and frankly, a reminder of everything I’m not doing. The saved articles and links on how to build a freelance writing business just make me feel guilty about how I haven’t done enough in that realm. The blogs on making a good grocery budget just taunt me about how I haven’t sat down to do that either. So I’m deleting. These articles are always out there and tend to have somewhat of a lifecycle that will find them in my feeds again, and this time when I’m ready to tackle them.

I’m cleaning out and starting fresh.

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2 thoughts on “Cleaning Out

  1. Good for you! I’m doing something similar. Instead of trying to keep up with it all, I ask myself if I really want to engage in the content. If not, I unsubscribe or delete. I just don’t have the bandwidth for so much anymore — and that’s okay.

  2. Yeah, this kind of reset is necessary sometimes.

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