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5 Years

May 1 would have been my 5 year wedding anniversary.

I started this blog after my marriage ended and I was in the long process of divorce. Finding my voice was a huge part of the process of working through the unexpected life change– writing myself back into life, as it were. It’s amazing to me how much has changed in those 5 years and where life is now– in a committed, loving, honest relationship with an amazing man and his son, working away at a career, figuring out new family dynamics without Dad, and so on. Much has changed, but yet I’m still at the same job and living in the same house, but as much as those things are the same, they are also wildly different.

I don’t talk about why the marriage ended when it did or the various circumstances of that not only because I try to maintain a certain level of privacy online, but because it’s not fair to my ex-husband. I loved him once and the years spent with him, both good and bad, were important in our formation as human beings. And frankly, what happens between two people is their business.

I wrote about the divorce process a lot on the Stratejoy blog, about how I was figuring out who I was and what I wanted out of life. A lot of the personal growth and self-discovery of the past few years has brought me to this point in life today, but it mostly taught me that it’s an evolving process of developing into the person we want to be. We’re never fully cooked.

I still don’t have much of a clue about what the next five years look like, but I’m increasingly okay with this idea. I know that life changes in an instant and am trying to enjoy what I can while I can. Mostly, I’m opening myself up to possibilities, experiences, and setting up for opportunities so when something comes along, I’m ready to take on what’s next.

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One thought on “5 Years

  1. Lots of things can change in 5 years. It’s kind of amazing. I am glad you’re in a happy healthy space these days 🙂

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