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Library & Little Man

My love of books, reading, and learning come from my mother. My father was a curious person, but he wasn’t a sit down and read a book kind of guy. My mother, on the other hand, reads everything– every advertisement in the newspaper, random magazines/brochures you find in hotel rooms, and this blog of course ( Hi Mom!). From a very early age, she instill in me the love of the written word– our trips to the library are some of my favorite childhood memories, in fact.

So as an adult as I’ve started to think about a family of my own, I wished that one day I would be able to pass along this love of books and reading to a little person in my own life. I give more books as new baby gifts than rompers and try to push the merits of the library to anyone I meet who is looking for a new good read. So of course, when Little Man entered into my life I hoped that I would be able to instill a love of reading to him like my mother did for me.

We read to Little Man each night he is with us and are slowly building a library for him at our house. But imagine my absolute glee when, on a Saturday running errands as a family, he asked to come into the library with me. The library is almost always a stop on our weekends together, but often I’m just dropping something in the outside bin, or if I do go inside, often the boys stay in the car for interest of time. But this particular Saturday, Little Man asked to come inside.

We explored the kid area, picked out a movie to watch that night, and Little Man picked out his own book, a chapter book from the Magic Tree House series. He was so happy to hand over my library card to get his book and DVD. After we ate lunch at home, the three of us were playing Legos in the sunroom, on the first warm, sunny day in so long– it was wonderful just to be in there again after it being so cold for so long. As if the day couldn’t get any better, Little Man asked if I could sit with him and help him read his book– even as I write this, my heart bursts with how excited I was– it was one of the first times he asked me specifically to do something with him, and to have it be reading was just the icing on the cake.

We’ve gone back to the library a few more times since then, each time he picks out a book or two for himself and gets a sticker when he checks out the books. It truly is one of the biggest highlights of¬†life for me– to see him learning to read and wanting to read more makes me endlessly happy and even if I play only a small role in this little boy’s life, I couldn’t be more overjoyed that I’m helping him learn to love reading.


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