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5 on Friday (#10)

1. This is my busiest, most stressful time of year at work and this week has kicked my butt. This weekend is supposed to be rainy, so I’m spending it in total relaxation mode- sleeping late, lots of reading time, and no work emails ( hopefully). Much needed.

2. I’m headed to Nashville for a work trip in a week or so. I’m only there for about 72 hours, but I was very excited to learn that the hotel I am staying at is right near Parnassus Books, an independent bookstore owned by one of my favorite authors Ann Patchett. This bookstore is frequently listed on ‘bookstores you should visit’ lists, so I’m so excited that I’ll have a little bit of time to visit.

3. As I said before, work is crazy busy right now. I’m dreaming about it, making lists about it, and really my brain is consumed by it. I feel like I cannot do the other things in my life until this exhibit opens, which is slightly inconvenient for getting things done– like my overdue oil change, gifts to send to friends, and so on. Only a week more to go, so I just need to bear down and get through it.

4. Spring-like weather is arriving, the snow is slowly melting, and I’m so over wearing wool. I’m anxious to do a clothes purge and reorganization, especially since I ordered my first StitchFix! It should arrive Monday and I’m very excited to see what kinds of goodies are in store.

5. 2015 goals mini status update: doing really well with journal writing ( about 4 nights a week I accomplish a quick life update and 5 things I’m grateful for); kicking butt at meal planning and eliminating food waste; have updated curtains in sunroom. Others are in works as warmer weather arrives and I’m committed to baking bread this weekend!

Enjoy the weekend!


* StitchFix link contains referral credit for me, so if you sign up, I get some money off my next order!

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