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Spring, I Love You

Spring, I’m super excited to see you.

Changing the clocks forward yesterday totally screwed with my brain. I’m attributing it to the fact that Little Man woke up at his normal 8AM time on Sunday, except that in my sleep mode, that meant it was 7AM. It made me cranky for a good portion of the morning which led to an afternoon nap, which totally threw off my night and sleeping. Gosh, is there anything more boring then reading about time change and a person’s sleep schedule?

In any case, I’ve never been so happy for spring to be on the horizon. As with every other New Englander, this winter sucked. I’m sorry if you like winter because I hated on it big time this year– and I’m usually a winter fan! Without a doubt, I can say I had seasonal affective disorder (SAD) this winter. I think I may have suffered in tiny ways from this in the past, but this year it hit me in a big, noticeable way. I rarely went out after work, my weekend down time was mostly spent indoors or running errands, and the general blah feeling was more regular than in the past winters. I was definitely irritable and there was definitely at least one snowstorm where I had crazy cabin fever, almost to the point of tears.

This winter taught me a very important lesson- take a vacation to somewhere warm(er) at some point in the middle of the winter mess. Probably in February, since that seems to be the point where I can’t take it anymore. Also, winter is the time to try to tackle indoor house activities that excite me, even if in the tiniest way. Hibernating with movies got old real fast and because I was already taken over by the SAD and blahs, I didn’t want to do much but waste away on the couch. Note to self for next winter: plan projects and lots of fun time. We didn’t even have people come to the house for dinner or game nights because it seemed it snowed or someone was sick or whatever. Heck, Q& I rarely played any games just the two of us.

Winter slayed us, yes. But this past Saturday, it was sunny and over freezing, which meant that my amazing sun room was filled with light and warmth. It truly embodied my happy place– I have been waiting so long to be able to go sit out there with a book. It was one of those perfect relaxing days when the sun just makes everything seem better. Sure, spring will bring allergies for me, but I’ve never been so excited to see potholes, mud, and to be sneezing. This spring I really feel like I’m coming out of a shell and into a new time in life.

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