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Winter Blues, Go Away!

I don;t even know how much snow is outside my window right now, but it’s enough. Plus a possible foot more this weekend. And today’s high is 11 degrees I believe. So.Over.Winter.

I don’t want to be another person who is moody and complaining about the winter, but here we are. I don’t think I’ve ever had this much cabin fever/winter blues before- honestly, I think almost everyone I encounter has it. We’re all sick of this and with spring only 35 days away, it can’t come soon enough. The actual weather is making me this way, but I also think the interruption into normal life is the other thing really getting me down.

I haven’t had a full week of work since the week of January 5th. Between holidays, snow days, and planned days off, the past few weeks have been anything but normal. As much as the five-day work week that awaits me the week of February 23rd is going to be painful, I’m sort of looking forward to a return to ‘normal’ and a more regular schedule.

It’s not that I live by a schedule, though my trusty planner is definitely one of my most needed/valued items in my life. Having some sort of structure and organization to my day helps my brain stay focused and disciplined; if I only think about something I want to do without writing it down- either on a calendar or to-do list- it won’t get done. There’s some writing/thinking combo that makes my brain work well. It’s something I relied on back when in school– the very act of writing notes, vocab lists, and so on would help me to commit facts and bits of info to memory in some way. I know this has an actual psych/science term, but I can’t remember it ( probably because I didn’t write it down!)

In any case, the constant cold, the endless cycle of snow and shoveling, the rescheduling and canceling of meetings, yoga, and appointments have thrown me all off skew– it’s been a wacky few weeks. I’m sure someone could analyze this as my lack of spontaneity and ability to roll with the punches,and that’s probably a bit true, but honestly, it’s just the insanity of it all. How many freaking times can it snow?!?!

What am I doing about it? I’m doing all the things the experts say you should do- exercise, stay positive, get outside, etc. I’m trying to not be a lump on the log during the snow days and embrace some inside time to get things done like going through paperwork, cleaning, and so on. It’s been hard for me to feel like I can take that indoor time to be creative though with painting or writing ( hence the lack of blogging) because this positivity strategy is only working about 50% of the time. The other 50% I am cranky and begging Q to take me out to dinner or to go sit in a coffee shop for an hour instead of being home. With this 3 day weekend coming up and more snow in the forecast, I’m determined to get out of the house at least a little bit or I might climb the walls.

Send warm thoughts my way!


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