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Go, and embrace your liberty. And see what wonderful things come of it. – Little Women

Monday Musings

Today my brain can only think in random spurts and bullet points.

  • I think there should be some law that requires employers to give their workers a ‘weather’ day off. In the event of a bad weather day where you don’t want to get out of bed OR a gorgeous, sunny picture-perfect day, you could just call in without any questions asked. I totally would have used it this morning when the rain was putting me to sleep in the amazing comfort of my feather duvet, prompting me to hit snooze 5 times.
  • Thanksgiving is a week and a half away, but it doesn’t quite feel like it yet. Sure, I’ve made the lists of who is bringing what with Mom, ordered the bread for the family stuffing, and written my various to-do items in the planner. Maybe it’s because part of our family won’t be with us, or maybe it’s just the bittersweet feeling of another holiday with Dad, especially since Thanksgiving was the last holiday we had with him and has always been a big deal with us ( we like food!)
  • After all the huge house and closet cleanouts of the past year, we’re not really doing Christmas presents this year. While exciting to think about not stressing for the holidays, it’s also a bit weird. I once again adopted a family to shop for, so I’m looking forward to that again.
  • I’m so over raking leaves. After spending last weekend doing raking, we didn’t do any this weekend because there is still a significant amount of leaves on our trees, so we figured we wait. I fear that may have been an oversight on our part, since I’m pretty sure that means all of next weekend will be spent raking. Love the privacy of so many trees, major dislike on the raking.
  • I’ve fallen into a very bad habit lately of saving articles, recipes, etc. to read on facebook and my blog reader, but never actually getting around to reading them. Or even worse, doing a quick read and deciding to further save them for when I’m ready to read them. Which I know is probably never going to happen. The same thing with all the articles and random things in the folder ‘action items’ I made in my email inbox. I think if all that junk is still there by the end of the year, I should trash and start fresh.
  • About to hit my 50 read books goal of the year! Woo! Though in full disclosure, at least half were audio books and probably a good dozen or so were books read for work projects.

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