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Wishing Away Time

If you follow me over on Twitter, you would have seen my tweet today about getting an email from a favorite restaurant about their New Year’s Eve party. Sent today, October 28th. Considering I haven’t even bought Halloween candy yet for trick or treat this Friday, clearly I have not a clue what I’ll be doing on New Year’s Eve ( though newsflash for any new readers- I don’t do New Year’s Eve.)

What is with this rushing to get to the next holiday business? Every year the creep of the holidays seems to happen earlier and earlier. I’ve seen people post about Christmas decorations in September. What ever happened to savoring time and each season before we’re rushing onto the next?

Of course, retailers are the ones to blame for this. I saw an article about how Macy’s is going to open on 6pm on Thanksgiving. SERIOUSLY!?! Is it so important that you leave family and friends ( never mind requiring people to work and leave their family and friends) to get some cheap cashmere sweater that night? I don’t get it. If you’re one of those people, please enlighten me on what the thrill or need is to get out on THANKSGIVING to do Christmas shopping. No sarcasm here- I really want to understand it!  I love a bargain as much as the next gal, but whatever happened to enjoying a day!

Why are we rushing away time always wanting to get the next thing? If losing my Dad taught me anything, it’s that you have to enjoy the here and now, living each day for what it is. Stop saving that special outfit for a night out and wear it! Don’t use the special plates once a year!


OK, off my soapbox now. And I guess I’d better remember to buy candy before Friday so my house doesn’t get egged….

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One thought on “Wishing Away Time

  1. I’m with you on this.

    A) I don’t like New Year’s. It’s fun only because it’s my husband’s birthday and while we don’t do a lot to celebrate (his choice) it’s still a special day!

    B) Christmas decorations before Halloween and Thanksgiving is annoying. I love to decorate as soon as Thanksgiving is over (though this year, maybe not… Not feeling very holiday-ish). Let’s get through the holidays in order please and thanks.

    C) Time is so very special. It’s amazing what we do with it, how we fritter it away. I’ve been trying to be more conscious of time and how I spend it or being more intentional with what I want to do with my time.

    I have friends who go out shopping as soon as they can on/near Thanksgiving. For them it’s a rush, I guess? And they have five kids so saving the money on their clothes and to provide them with a Christmas is important to them, too.

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