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Thankful Thursday (#4)

I’m thankful today for Q, but most importantly, thankful that he is a loving partner who supports me in every endeavor.

I’m also especially thankful today he cooks ( and likes doing it!) It is invaluable to me how much it means to have another person help with meals, especially dinner after a long day when my brain can barely process boiling water. I mention this only because I just finished his delicious chili leftovers for lunch!

I’m the best version of myself with him. The workday could be the worst ever, but a hug from him, and I literally feel the stress melt away.

I’m grateful for him every day in big and small ways– even the days he drives me crazy by putting the dirty dishes next to the sink instead of in it or walks by the pile of laundry to go downstairs, even though he is on his way to the basement anyway.



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One thought on “Thankful Thursday (#4)

  1. Just last night I asked knight if there was a reason he walked past his clean laundry or the clean dishes without putting them away. Short answer: No. We have both had long weeks and have no energy at night but the fact that I love him even on the nights that he makes me nuts says something! =)

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