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I’ve been daydreaming lately about living other places in the world ( not moving, just dreaming!) and have come to the conclusion that I definitely need a place that has the four seasons.

Fall has for a long time been one of my favorite seasons, but this year, I haven’t been a huge fan. Maybe it’s because up until a few days, it’s barely felt like fall with the unseasonably warm temperatures. Or maybe it’s because this particular fall has been just super busy with work changes and life stuff. I probably could blame my dislike of this fall on my horrible allergies now that I think about it.

We’ve done a few fall activities- apple and pumpkin picking and I put out my three fall decorations ( a wreath, a jack–o-lantern votive candle holder, and a pumpkin one– the jack-o-lantern to be changed out for a turkey one on November 1) and done the requisite closet change over for the new season. I’m feeling oddly like deep cleaning the entire house, the basement and one closet in particular. That seems more like a spring activity, but I never go around to spring cleaning this past year, so better late than never.

November has always been my favorite month because Thanksgiving is my favorite holiday, but it also has been a month that has often felt the most relaxed, especially given the frantic pace of the holiday season. This year I’m not particularly looking forward to the month because of the immense amount of tasks I have at work, as well as the idea of Thanksgiving without Dad, and the pending year anniversary in mid-December.

In the past, I haven’t cared much for winter because it seems to drag on for so long, but in the past few years, I’ve come to crave that season because it lets me spend more time inside my little house that I love so much. It also doesn’t make me feel so bad when I put pajamas on at 6pm because it’s dark and cold. I’ve come to see winter as the best time to do house projects, catch up on movie watching, and generally just turn inward a bit in preparation for the new things to come later in the year.

Spring is definitely not my season- seasonal allergies either make me feel like I’m in a fog or just a general nasal mess for most of the months, where the rest of the time is spent in a somewhat constant state of confusion about what to wear. As any New Englander knows, springtime here can bring a wide array of weather and temperatures to deal with, often all in the same day. I’m not a fashionista by any sense of the word, but the unknowns of spring make getting dressed at 6 in the morning very difficult.

Summer is always a favorite because it means lots of time outside, fun dresses, and long days with late night walks and drinks by the water. But I’m usually over summer by August–though this year we had such a mild summer, it would have been great for that weather to endure.

Thinking about what’s next in life, I definitely want a place where I can enjoy some aspects of all these places, though after our amazing weather in September, I can see why people in Southern California are happy most of the time since I don’t think I had a bad day during our high 70s and sunny days.


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One thought on “Seasons

  1. I love the 4 seasons, too although I think I’d be ok with a place that has more fall than anything else. I can relate to the looming holidays… will be thinking of you lots. I would be ok if it just stayed October forever because the next few months are full of anniversaries I’d rather forget (surgery day, diagnosis day, blah blah blah. UGH.) and yet my mind always reminds me of them…

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