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Thankful Thursday (#3)

Today I’m thankful for…..

Allergy medicine.

Ok I know this might sound seriously silly, but it’s about the things in life that make everything better, right? I’d be a mess without allergy meds and my level of life functioning would be pretty minimal.

I never had allergies as a kid ( well other than to hay or Christmas trees, but those were easily avoidable). Somewhere in my becoming an adult, I developed some pretty bad seasonal allergies, with spring being the worst. As I get older, the allergy symptoms change. It used to be just super stuffed up, lots of sneezing; now, it has progressed to that, plus lots of fluid and pressure in my ears. Yea, fun times.

Q also has some pretty bad seasonal allergies so our house has quite the stock of tissues, saline nose spray, and various¬†medications. We are probably supporting someone’s salary for whoever makes Zrytec D.


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