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Thankful Thursday (#1)

I’m really trying to be more conscious of gratitude, life’s simple pleasures, and my priorities and so I’ve decided to turn ‘throwback Thursday’ into Thankful Thursday. 


My Dad always used to say “be aware of your surroundings” which he almost always meant in a safety way ( like know where the exit signs are). This morning I was walking around the property that I work at  and looked up to see the beauty of the place I go to five days out of the week. The sun was shining with just the perfect angle on the ocean that makes it glimmer; it was warm but there was a nice ocean breeze; and there was this quiet, stillness that just made me look around in wonder.  I actually thanked God aloud for this amazing place and the gorgeous day.

I’ve been at my job for 6 years this month and I know I take for granted it’s lovely location on an oceanside cliff. Truly, I am blessed not just in the work I do, but also the people. The location is the icing on the cake and I wish I could capture that moment to remind me when I’m on a commute filled with traffic and tourists. It was such a quick, fleeting moment, but something that really impacted my day and attitude. I’m really going to try hard to take my Dad’s advice about being aware to not just be safe, but to really take and appreciate all that is around me.


This photo does no justice to the beauty of my work environment,

but this is the view from my office window

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One thought on “Thankful Thursday (#1)

  1. I think that if we all looked up a little bit more we would be more appreciative; the sky, the trees, the surroundings!

    Love the idea for thankful thursday. i’m tired of throwback thursday, anyway 🙂

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