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If…I Won the Lottery

If I won the lottery….

That would  just be awesome.

Everyone has their list of things they would do if they won the lottery. Trips they would take, big purchases to make.

My list is pretty small and somewhat mundane.

I’d pay off my debts. Provide for my family. Take a vacation. Donate to charities and establish a scholarship of some sort. I’d probably move, but maybe not.

I’d still drive my car. I probably wouldn’t clip coupons as much, but I’d still be frugal and budget conscious. I’d even still work, though depending on how much I won, I would reconsider working full-time.

I would most definitely hire someone to clean my house once a month. And someone to fix my garage and scrape/paint my fence. I’d still probably shop the sales and refuse to pay for expensive coffee.

This doesn’t seem like I’m asking for much. Honestly, I’d be happy with enough just to pay off my debt, mainly my student loans, so we’re not even talking about 6 figures!

Of course, to win the lottery— I have to play!


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2 thoughts on “If…I Won the Lottery

  1. That’s pretty much what I would do too. Though I think I’d also buy a vacation home somewhere sunny. (It’s 65 degrees in Pittsburgh today. Blah.)

  2. I don’t think I would do a lot differently than you do either. I like savings and scoring deals, coupons and watching what we spend and how we spend it. Would love to pay off our house and our lawyer debt from the Great Child Custody Battle but otherwise, a vacation or two, provide for the family. Sounds about right!

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