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Go, and embrace your liberty. And see what wonderful things come of it. – Little Women

Kristen’s Rules of Life

After reading The Happiness Project and a bunch of blog posts around the same time about the same topic ( weird how that happens), I pondered a bit about what my rules of life would be. The idea is that these are things that you hold yourself up to not just as a standard of living, but also what makes you happy and most comfortable in life. Here are a few I’ve come up with so far. I’m sure this list will grow over time.

1. Always eat breakfast.

2. Always bring a sweater.

3. Don’t go anywhere without tissues.

4. Make the bed every morning.

5. Buy only what you need.

6. If you can’t think of 2 uses for a new thing right away, don’t buy it ( this goes for everything from clothing, kitchen items, and household decor).

7. Move your body in some way, everyday.

8. A cup of tea and a good night’s sleep will help make everything better.

9. Call/email loved ones frequently; tell your people you love them every time you say goodbye

10. Be nice to waitresses, checkout people, service people, etc.

11. Always wash your face before bed, no matter how tired.

12. Do not go to the grocery store hungry.

13. Always have a plan for food/eating- hangry Kristen is scary!

14. Spend time outside whenever possible.

15. Read, feed my curiosities and quest for information, ask questions

What are some of your rules of life that make you feel more together, more sane and more you?


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