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A Little Help From Friends

Apologies if you follow me on social media and have already seen my plea for votes for my brother in a contest he is a finalist in.

My amazing older brother David is getting ready to marry his lovely fiance (and my soon to be sister in law) Sara next year in glorious Stowe, VT. I’m over the moon happy for the both of them. They entered a photo contest being held by their wedding venue (and favorite Stowe resort) The Stowe Mountain Lodge, and were lucky enough to win Week #3 of the contest. Now, they are in the grand prize drawing, where the prize is some serious cash ($10,000), airfare tickets, and a ton of other really amazing stuff. I’d be ever so happy if you could vote for them because I cannot think of two more deserving people for this. They are some of my very favorite people on the entire planet. Voting ends July 7.

They are the second photo from the right, the week 3 winners. Here’s what it looks like!


Thank you so much!

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