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Go, and embrace your liberty. And see what wonderful things come of it. – Little Women



Eating: The last of the banana bread ( with chocolate chips!) I made over the long weekend. I thought it would be one of the last times I used my oven for awhile, but considering it was in the 40s last night, I have a feeling I’ll be baking into June at this rate.

Drinking: Citrus infused water- lemons, limes, an orange. It makes for a much more yummy way to get all my water intake in during the day.

Reading: A LOT. I’m listening in the car to Nothing Dauntedreading Somewhere Off the Coast of Maineand just finished two others and have two more to pick up from the library on Saturday morning. I get into these spurts where I’m feverishly reading and can’t get enough- love it.

Thinking/Planning: About what to do in my backyard. Q & I did a lot of backyard cleanup over the long weekend, and I’ve been plotting about what to do with the space because we love being outside in the summer and want it to be a spot to hang out with others too. If you follow me on Pinterest, you’ve seen I’ve (somewhat obsessively) been pinning lots of ideas for our patio, good plants/flowers for shady areas, and so on. My current thinking involves either a nice set of chairs/bench or possibly a hammock….

Trying: To not buy clothes/shoes/product/anything for myself in June. I did the closet changeover and was sort of amazed/disgusted at how many items of clothing I have for the summer. I’m making a very conscious effort to not buy anything in the month of June and also trying really hard to get rid of things. The first part I think will be far easier than the second.

Loving: Having a supportive, understanding partner in Q. It’s just really awesome to have someone be on my “team” in life. Also loving that I’ve come to embrace my homebody status- sure I like to go out every now and again, but I’m really proud of the fact that I’ve created a home and life that makes me feel just as good being around the house as it did years ago when I wanted to go out all the time. Oh how life changes.

Watching: Lots of movies. We have 1 or 2 more of the 2013 Oscar Best Picture nominees to watch and then we’re going to start making our way through older movies, AFI lists, etc. It’s the summer and TV isn’t great, so we’re going to make the most of it. Also, we finally watched Game of Thrones  are are HOOKED. I don’t know why we passed on it for so long, but now we’re big fans.

What’s going on currently in your world?


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