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How My Staycation Saved Me

Okay, that might be a little bit dramatic, but my recent four-day staycation over the long weekend seriously was the most invigorating, relaxing, and much overdue time off.

Work has been….interesting lately. I’m just about to finish the lull time of year for me which is post-exhibit opening, post-exhibit press, post-cleaning office/getting things off desk after months of crazed exhibit prep. In that month and half-ish time, I get to do a lot of little projects, research, and so on. It’s my reward for the few months of stress and running around I do getting an exhibit up and going and the busy-ness of the summer season with programs and an intern. This time around, my down time wasn’t as relaxing at work as in the past, and I have been feeling– burned out. When my Mom suggested I take the Friday before Memorial Day weekend off, I figured why not? Once again, mother knows best!

This staycation was extra special for a few reasons- one because Q and I had no plans for the entire weekend. Not a single obligation between the two of us. All our family members had plans or were away. We decided weeks ago to take the weekend just for ourselves and not plan a single thing. I can’t even tell you the last time this happened. It was even more special because the next month or so is going to be very busy with various projects and family stuff, so we savored the quiet, relaxing time together.

The weekend included lots of sleeping in every day ( which made getting up this morning at 6AM quite difficult) and Friday was a lazy day, which I think everyone should have at least one day like that a month. We watched movies, did some small house chores/errands, and lots of yard work. We took long, leisurely walks. I read a book and started another. I made banana bread. We went for ice cream twice. We spent time together doing nothing but being quiet and relaxed in the same space.

Last night as we sat watching Muppets Take Manhattan, I just had this feeling of calm and peace. Even as the knowledge of work today came to me last night, I didn’t feel dread or annoyance- I felt like I could take it all this week, the next month.

Why didn’t I take some time off sooner?

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