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Friday Finds May 2014

Happy weekend and Happy May!

1. The other night Q& I were trying to find something to watch and we happened upon this HBO documentary about Ann Richards, once governor of Texas. HIGHLY recommend. It was quite good and she was one of those electric personalities with  honest, frank dispositions and she was hysterical. There’s no doubt in my mind that if she came along ten years later, she’d have been president.

2. Really liked this piece about being a size 12 in the fashion magazine world. The frustrations of weight, sizing, body image, etc. are many, but I try hard every day to dress for myself/comfort level and I think Lauren Sherman speaks to this in a great way.

3. If you follow me over on the book of face, I posted this the other night, but sharing again since I think it’s quite interesting. Talking about gas/farting is definitely still one of those sort of taboo things, but like my mom says ” even the Pope farts!”

4. I’ve written before about my love of all things books and libraries, as well as my particular fondness for my local public library. This article about the future of libraries made me equally sad ( a place without books!??!) and hopeful for the exciting things that these institutions COULD do. My library is really embracing the idea of being a community center and place for families to learn/gather/play/enjoy together ( they lend out specialty cake pans for example, which is genius since how many times would a person actually make a robot-shaped cake?). As a person who does a lot of research for both personal and professional reasons, so much information is not yet available digitally so these institutions are an important part of my life. The library played a large role in my love of reading and books so it will always hold a special place in my heart, regardless of what forms it might take on in years to come.

5. Speaking of digital world and history, here’s my geek moment for the week- Operation War Diary. It’s a collaboration between “citizen historians” and British National Archives to better document & learn about World War I from various personal journals, documents, etc.

In my life, things are fairly quiet which is quite nice. This weekend will feature some house projects like rearranging the office/spare bedroom, doing some closet reorganizing, and hopefully shoe shopping with Mom!

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One thought on “Friday Finds May 2014

  1. The comments on that fart article are pretty STINKIN’ funny. 😉

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