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Asbestos Awareness Week

I consider myself a curious person who is aware of a lot of things in the world, reads/watches the news, and seeks out answers when I have questions or don’t understand something. I love learning new things and making connections with people, so when Heather reached out to me about Asbestos Awareness Week, I had to admit I knew very little about it.

I have faint recollections of hearing commercials for class-action settlements regarding asbestos and know from my work that deals with historic preservation that asbestos is found in a lot of old homes. But I’ve never known or been acquainted with anyone who had negative experiences from working with the materials before its adverse effects became known. What’s more fascinating is the Heather’s story- she had exposure secondhand from her father who worked with the materials and was diagnosed with mesothelioma.

It’s crazy to think that this material is still found in so many places still, especially older public buildings such as schools that were built in the 20th century and have never been updated. It seems obvious that this is such a public safety/health issue, but it’s clear that the solution of covering asbestos up or avoiding it is the answer, instead of eliminating it entirely.

I encourage you to click here and watch/read about Heather’s story and her battle with mesothelioma more and check out info about this cause which I suspect not many people know about. In the words of Heather: “From awareness grows hope. Each voice could save a life!”

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