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5 on Friday (#5)

1. I’ve never been so happy for a change in season as I was for spring. I know we’re not out of the woods yet and I live in New England where the weather is always wacky, but it’s more the promise of warmer weather not being too far away that is most needed. This winter was beyond brutal, not just in terms of freezing cold and snow, but just felt long and sad without my Dad too.

2. I’m using lists too much on the blog- I’ve started/stopped a lot of blog posts in the past week, most of which because I had too many feelings and was unable to make the writing make any sense. Here I am being hard on myself again.

3. I’m trying a few new ‘saving’ techniques lately to build my emergency fund, pay down debt, and save for travel. I’m a big saver at the market with sales and coupons, so I’m going to take the amount I save every week at the bottom of the receipt and put that into my savings account. This week was only $26, but there have been weeks when I’ve saved $50 so this could help a lot. I’m also doing the 52 weeks of saving idea ( first week $1, second week $2, etc.). It seems like a no-brainer and I found this checklist to remind myself, plus it shows the amount saved if you keep up.

4. My brother and his fiance are in Florida this week and while I’m  happy for them (especially since they’re visiting with her family), I’m so jealous. Lots of travel conversations going on so my wanderlust and cabin fever will have some relief soon.

5. Plans for the weekend include some serious house cleaning, a birthday party for a special 2 year old, and lots of relax time. We’re having grilled cheese and tomato soup for dinner tonight and I cannot begin to explain my excitement at the prospect of this, wine, and watching an Alfred Hitchcock movie with Q. It really is the little things that matter most.

Happy weekend– and happy spring!

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