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Friday Finds March 2014

Molly over at Stratejoy has this amazing knack of writing something at the exact same time I need to hear it. This post on loving where you’re at in life is probably going to be my mantra for the near future while life shakes out.

Can you name 10 things you like about yourself? Some were easy for me to come up with. I’ll be posting my 10 things next week.

Great thoughts on dressing/clothes/style. I try to not be too critical of how other people dress, but sometimes when I see people out in their pajamas ( not yoga pants, legit flannel pants with cartoon characters on them), I can’t help but wonder why they don’t “do the work” and care about what they look like. I’m guilty of going out looking anything less than wonderful to run errands quickly, but I try to at least throw a ballcap on and clean clothes that I didn’t wear to bed.

In my efforts to try to be healthier, I signed up for the Cooking Cure with TheKitchn ( also one of my favorite food blogs/sites). I knew my breakfast ( or really lack of breakfast) routine sucked, so this has given me some ideas for eating better in the morning ( making breakfast burritos for week is on the docket for Sunday).

From the random but interesting department- history of fonts.

Lastly, the Skimm. I am a regular reader of the news, local, national, and international and watch the news every night ( also since we signed back up for cable, Q & I have been watching a lot of CNN). Despite this, I still felt like I was missing some of the major issues of what was going on in the world, and heard through the Twitter grapevine about The Skimm, a news aggregator subscription service that gives the “just the facts folks” approach to news. It’s great to have the news nugget in  my email every morning. Highly recommend!


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