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2014 Goals Check In

My 2014 goals were mostly to survive and be at peace with life. I think I’m doing pretty well at that even if I’m not knocking a lot off this list.

1. Pay off credit card, student loan dent, etc.: Sloooow progress but with tax refund, I’m doing alright. I’m using the snowball method of debt repayment, so the credit card is the first to go. Since January, I’ve only used the card twice and only for gas when I had no cash. I’m feeling good about this one.

2. Build my relationship/sense of family with my man and his son: 5 year olds are so much fun. My basement is now home to a mini race track and fun cardboard box creations. And we went sledding ( which was fun, but cold!)

3. Cultivate my green thumb: I killed one plant 😦 but I’ve kept 2 alive and going strong! The death of said plant I’m hoping to revive from my overwatering and shock. I’m anxiously awaiting warmer weather to start seeds and the veggie garden.

4. Plans with friends more frequently: Had lunch with a girlfriend last weekend and making plans for brunches and outings in the coming weeks!

5. Challenge myself in the kitchen with recipes, new foods, etc.: I made meatloaf and meatballs for the first time ever! They were yummy! I’m thinking of making homemade bread this weekend. We’re doing really well at meal planning and trying new things. It’s fun to cook with Q!

6. More yoga, painting, writing, and reading: Some progress. I’m actually doing a lot more walking on the treadmill since we moved it into the basement from my parent’s house. Writing isn’t happening much and reading pretty sparingly, mostly because my focus/attention span still feels a bit short/scattered.

7. More day trips and exploring local spots: It’s been cold and we’ve been hibernating. I am making a substantial dent in my Netflix queue haha.

8. Hiking: I consider walking from my office to the car in the cold a hike these days!

9. Do something about garage: Lots of talking, not a lot of doing due to weather.

10. Take a vacation- Mom and I ( and hopefully Q too!) are planning on going to Canada in summer to see family and a bunch of other spots.

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