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Cranky Old Man Rant

I’m just going to rant a little and sound like a cranky old man for a minute.

After about 10 inches or so of snow fell in my neck of the woods Saturday into Sunday, I went out on Sunday morning to dig out from the storm. Q was stuck elsewhere with his own snowed-in mess to deal with, so it left me with shovel and snow blower to get rid of the white stuff (which I’m sick of it, as I’m sure everyone else is too!)

The long and short of it is I couldn’t get the snow blower to start ( trying to start via pull cord almost dislocated my shoulder!), though I did later learn about an electric start option which I will definitely be employing next time if Q is not around to use his man strength with the pull cord. So I shoveled the driveway, the steps, etc. I’m not here to brag about that, but it was a great workout and isn’t what I want to complain out.

My complaint is “that when I was a kid” ( yes, I can’t believe I said that) we would go around asking people to shovel their driveways for a couple of bucks. OK maybe I didn’t offer, but other neighborhood kids did all the time. So as I’m sweating it out shoveling on Sunday, I’m hoping in the back of mind that some teenagers are going to come up and ask me. I would’ve walked to the bank down the street to get them cash if any came around. But alas, none. Where were the punky teenage boys who play kickball with a giant exercise ball at 10pm on a Saturday night and annoy the crap out of everyone in the area? Where was the kid I asked politely to pick up his trash from the street last summer so it wouldn’t end up in my yard? NOWHERE TO BE FOUND. Why not? Don’t these kids need a few bucks just like we did 15-20 years ago? I don’t get it.

I took my complaint to work with me this morning and my coworkers and I all agreed on the topic- no work ethic for this young generation ( ok, now I sound really old). But looking back on some kids ( between 18-22) who have volunteered or worked with us in the past few years, it is definitely clear to see that not many of them go the extra mile or push themselves beyond what is necessary. I know that is a huge generalization and that there are plenty of kids who would ask to do small chores for a few bucks, but they definitely don’t live in my neighborhood!

Anyway, rant over. I’m off to shovel. AGAIN.

P.S. Isn’t doing the same thing over and over with the same results the definition of insanity? Winter/shoveling/snow much clearly is that for me.

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