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I’m alive!

I wasn’t kidding when I said this is one of two super busy times of year for me, work and lifewise.

When my museum closes for the winter ( we’re in a seasonal tourist town), I actually get busier working behind the scenes on many projects that can’t happen when we’re open to the public. Photo shoots for next year’s exhibit, Christmas programs, meetings, end of year celebrations, annual regional museum conference- it feels like the month is jampacked with activity, as well as my favorite holiday of the year.

Currently, I’m just trying to keep up with it all, knowing that the slowness of my down time at work and life in the summer is my payoff for this busy rush that will end in April. Sure, I’ll get some down time with the holidays, but for the most part workwise, it’s busybusy until spring. I like that pace of life, even as stressed as it makes me sometime. Last night I did a bit of a brain download of all the random things from the immediate to the longterm( think about a headboard for bed, clean microwave, buy meat) and that seemed to help that feeling that always seems to creep this time of year. I hope I’m not the only one that feels it- that just on the edge of frazzled, stressed mess. Once again this year, I’m trying to push back on that feeling and just do what I want and feels right, not pushing to do beyond my abilities.

As busy as I have been, I love the month of November and this time of year. I love the start of the cold weather, the planning of the Thanksgiving feast, and the fun of the holiday season in general. I’m savoring the moments as I can- even if the days are full and zooming by!

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