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Blogging Everyday Recap

When I set out to blog everyday in October ( because November is super busy for me, I made my own NaBlogPoMo), I think part of me thought I wouldn’t be able to do it, even though I laid out an organized posting calendar with random topics and ideas. So I’m happy that I was able to complete the task 100%.

It was definitely great to recommit myself to the blog and think about what I want to posting on here. And it was difficult for sure to come up with new topics for every single day and to plan ahead for the weekends, but I definitely fall back in love with the scheduled post.

Many sincere thanks for your comments and kind words- it’s always sort of strange to write things and then hear nothing but crickets, especially when more established bloggers and sites get lots of comments everyday.

Before I committed to blogging every day this month, I definitely was considering shutting down the blog not just because I wasn’t feeling the creative spark of writing, but also because I felt the need to keep so much of my life private and not broadcast every single thing that has been going on. I’ve learned this month that there is a way to write about myself and my life while leaving a lot of the other stuff out. Writing everyday made me remember how much I love doing it, how much I have to do more of it because as with exercise it’s a muscle that has to be maintained and without out, you lose its strength.

I’ve decided to keep the blog going for now and keep to a fairly regular posting schedule of at least once or twice a week, though I will warn now that my November is filled with conferences, family, and a pretty packed work schedule that may leave me a bit brain tired more often than not. But I like having my own little space in the interwebs and will maintain it as I can, realizing that I’m blogging for myself and to be a part of a community and not compare myself to others. I’m not trying to get a book deal from the blog (pipe dream for sure), I’m just trying to have a spot where I can vent, share, comment, and explore life and all its musings.

Onward to November, the best month of the year!

And WOOOOHOOOO for the Boston Red Sox!

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One thought on “Blogging Everyday Recap

  1. Oh hooray! I am so glad you decided to keep this blog going… I’ve enjoyed reading more from you, and you know, it’s true that the community works better when you write regularly as well. 🙂

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