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Friday Finds October 2013

I was being a good, diligent blogger by saving links for today, but somehow in my quest for efficiency and organizing lists, I deleted it. Here are a few that I remember!

If you need a laugh, or a reminder to be enthusiastic about everything you can, watch this video. The little girl made me laugh so hard.

I’m a history buff. American history to be exact. And I work with historic artifacts so I love when a museum is able to use objects to tell the story of our country. Check out the Smithsonian’s “101 Objects That Made America.” 

Also from the Smithsonian (magazine this time), a bit of history on the avocado, one of my favorite vegetables of all time.

I really loved Cheryl Strayed’s Wild and was happy to hear it’s being made in a film with Reese Witherspoon. First look here!

This tumblr is the current rage in my office. We haven’t laughed so hard since watching Honey Badger on YouTube. Let’s just say, when you work in a museum ( or deal with the public a lot on a regular basis), you have to have a sense of humor about what you do.

What’s on tap for you all this weekend? I’m hoping to make soup on Sunday, do some house projects on Saturday, and get a lot of reading time in since I FINALLY got around to reading Gone Girl.

Happy weekending!

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