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Staying In

I’m a bit of a homebody.

Maybe, for me, it happened because I was/am on a limited budget. I’d much rather drink my delicious $15 bottle of wine at home in my comfortable jeans on my couch than do the same for $8 for a glass of wine in a crowded, loud bar.

Or it may just be that I’m realizing more and more the things I like/want/enjoy and the things I don’t.

When I was in grad school, I was out almost every weekend night with friends. This continued after when I was dating my ex husband and my social life became even more busy after we married. It was weekends spent shuttling back and forth to birthday parties, brunches, and seeing friends all over the place. Except it wasn’t just weekends but weeknights too. Frankly, it was exhausting to be ‘on’ all the time, and obviously, expensive.

Granted, I like a night out, especially to try new restaurants and enjoy time away from the house with my loved ones. And I love seeing friends for brunch or just to catch up too. But I love the quietness and comfort of my house, the relaxation of hanging in my sun room with a great book, or sitting in the backyard with my guy having some drinks. I much prefer ( and so does my wallet!) to have friends over for a big dinner and play games than to go meet up in a bar.

I also think it says a lot about a person, their comfort with themselves & life to be able to spend a quiet night at home either alone or with a loved one. There is a certain grace to knowing what brings you the most joy and happiness in life and the ability to sit quietly and enjoy the simple pleasures of a good book and a cup of tea is, in my opinion, a sign of a person who knows their selves well.

And really- isn’t it just fun to hang around the house, drinking wine & having random kitchen dance parties in your yoga pants!!??!

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One thought on “Staying In

  1. I’m becoming more of a homebody too. I definitely had a crazy social life when I was in grad school. Now I just like to sit on my couch and blog. I’d like to maybe do one or two thing a week with friends, rather than heading out all the time. Tonight I am so excited about New Girl and perhaps a glass of wine too!

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