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Monday Musings

My brain can’t seem to organize enough into a clear thought process to write a coherent, thought provoking or interesting post today, despite several attempts! I’ll blame it on Monday.

It’s going to be chilly and cold here in MA/RI beginning Wednesday. So today I’m celebrating the last of the 60 degree temp range with probably the last bare legged day of the year. This isn’t something I ‘celebrate’ as much as realize that getting dressed in the morning just had 3 minutes added to prep time, as well as the additional need to be on top of laundry and matched socks for the foreseeable future.

This weekend there was a parade in my town celebrating the 40th year of the Musictown Festival which is a big celebration of the music program in the town, which used to be this amazing thing. I’m sure the program still is great, but the marching band ( of which I was a member on the color guard/rifle squad) was so much smaller than when I was in it. It was such an odd thing to be watching the parade as an adult, especially since I marched in it pretty much my entire childhood as a Girl Scout and then in my teen years in the band.

With the chilly weather coming, I cannot wait for the first cold, rainy Sunday where I don’t do much but cook, watch movies, and read. I love having a day every now and again where you wake up and change from sleeping PJs to comfy lounge clothes and maybe never step outside all day. There’s a t shirt I’ve seen on Pinterest a few times- coffee, books, and rain– which pretty much describes one of my favorite kinds of days.

I was sick last week and into the weekend, even taking a half sick day last Wednesday, which is super rare for me. I did sort of a Hail Mary with the medication I was taking to help with the cold- I took zinc pills after reading it helps alleviate symptoms and cut cold duration in half. I definitely think they helped, but I’m wondering if it was more mind over matter in this.

If you have Netflix, watch the BBC show Luther with Idris Elba. It’s got some heavy stuff and there were more than a few scenes that were a bit graphic for me, but it’s an awesome show. Highly, highly recommend.




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