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Pet Peeves

I’m not one to dwell on the negative things of life, but there are a few things that despite my positive attitude, I find it hard to overlook. I’m sure other things bother me from time to time, but here are the consistent ones.

Lack of consideration for fellow person

This is a pretty broad category of frustration but it extends to so many situations- while driving, standing in line, at work, etc. Nothing makes me more frustrated than when people don’t let you take a left turn, hold the door when they see you coming in/out, or edge you out in traffic to get somewhere 2 seconds fasted than me.

Not using blinker while driving 

Is it really that hard to remember to signal?!?!

Wasting food

This has long been a frustration of mine- well before my tight budget dictated using food in every way possible. This past weekend, I made a recipe ( pumpkin banana bread) and the person who gave me the recipe left out a main ingredient ( flour!) so when it came out of the oven it just fell right in. Of course, had I been paying real attention to what I was doing, I would have realized there was no flour in the recipe and corrected it– instead I threw out an entire loaf of what could have been yummy bread ( and breakfast for a few days!)



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3 thoughts on “Pet Peeves

  1. Oh man. The other day Dan and I were at the gas station and some guy stole our gas pump, even though we were next in line and had been waiting longer than him. To make matters worse, he looked at my husband and said “Ya…I snuck in there real smooth, huh?” Dan was sooooo angry…I was too, but was trying to keep him calm. The guy kept leering at us too. It made me sad that someone would be so intentionally mean…and get enjoyment out of it.

  2. KrissyCos on said:

    Ugh the lack of consideration for people at the gas station sucks. That guy sounds like a total loser for doing that and being so smug about it.

  3. Blinkers drive me crazy too!!!! I hate when people don’t use them.

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