Life By Kristen

Go, and embrace your liberty. And see what wonderful things come of it. – Little Women


Lately I’m loving…

– The way the sun looks right before sunset

– The changing leaves.

– my short hair that lets me stay in bed ten extra minutes in the morning because it doesn’t need long to style after my shower.

– The abundance of native vegetables in my kitchen. This weekend I’m cooking up the last batch of late season tomatoes, some yummy spaghetti squash, green beans, and local apples.

– The feeling of getting rid of things from the house. For a single gal living on her own, I’m equally ashamed and amazed at the amount of THINGS in the house.

– The return of nightly hot tea or hot chocolate.

– Audio books

– The League ( a show I never thought I’d like, but it’s hysterical and we’ve been binge watching on Netflix)

– The end of another great season at work and the beginning of my busy time in the off season. It’s nice to have down time to work on other projects, but I miss the busy work feeling.

– I’m also loving the not busy-ness of my out of work life. It’s such a huge contrast to how my life was when I was married and it’s so clear to me that part of my uncomfortable nature in that relationship was that the running around, always having plans and going places thing is definitely not my cup of tea. I’m so happy to be happy with my calm, quiet life.

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