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Friday Finds October 11, 2013

I love learning where certain phrases or words come from. Here’s one we all say.
Staying motivated is always an issue with big dreams- articles like this are a good reminder for me that the most successful people had to start somewhere.
Need some lunchtime funny? This.
If you’re not getting The Skimm in your daily inbox, you’re missing out. I like and read/listen to the news everyday, but this quick nugget of info about what’s going on in the world is awesome ( especially with this damn shutdown which I’m so sick of hearing about at this point).

I’m a big reader and I love reading about books just as much as I love the actual books themselves. What is equally interesting to me is learning about what authors are reading, what interests, them, etc. I follow a lot of writers on Twitter for this reason, but I really like NY Times’ By The Book column if for nothing else than finding out what big time authors like Malcolm Gladwell read as a kid.

I’m not big on Halloween ( I’ve started a post on this that will appear soon), but I love some of these nontraditional, not trashy Halloween costumes.

This weekend is (thankfully) a 3day weekend for me! After the busy schedule of last week’s wedding festivities, I’m looking forward to some book & magazine reading, family and boyfriend time, and some small house project stuff. I’m also on the hunt for a khaki skirt which has somehow become like a purple dinosaur to find.

Happy weekending!

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